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Hello, I'm Lee Jae-jin, a product designer based in Seoul.

I always felt a strong attraction to creative work and worked in the movie production industry until my mid-20s after graduating from high school with a dream of becoming a movie director.


After I was discharged from the army, I entered the Department of Industrial Design at Hongik University because I had a strong interest in industrial design.
From the second year of college to graduation, I worked as an intern for Samsung Electronics design membership and served as a chairman.


After graduating from university, I naturally worked in the design team of Samsung Electronics' home appliance division.


I still love design and am looking for an opportunity to prove my ability anywhere.



Hong-ik University

While majoring in product design, I experienced three big exhibitions, including graduation exhibitions, and acquired various design skills that I will use in the field. I also got valuable design colleagues to spend the rest of my life with.



design membership

It is a design community of about 150 product/visual/ux designers from various schools. We did various projects with Samsung Electronics. Through this, I was able to experience various practices before getting a job.

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