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Grande AI

This page contains the role and process as the main designer of the Samsung Electronics washing machine "Grande ai", which was launched worldwide in 2020.


Washing machine & Dryer






Step Back to the Essence of Laundry 

Criteria for Consumer Electronics Trends

Samsung Grande AI has a flat silhouette that reduces volume and emphasizes lines and faces, making it beautiful even as a lifestyle home appliance. It completes an undistorted circular door with a concise visor handle, and the harmony between the unique sense of line flowing through the door and the reduced control panel area shows the height of simplicity.

단이미지 사이즈.jpg

Market Research

Existing washing machines had a rough and mechanical image. Therefore, it was installed in the basement or the multipurpose room at home, and consumers were not proud of the design of the washing machine either.

We wanted the Grande AI, which will be Samsung Electronics' main model, to be a beautiful product that consumers are proud of. The project was launched with the aim of a design that harmoniously matches the interior or reveals its presence alone.


The aesthetics of sophistication

The careful efforts of the designer are reflected throughout the product. Samsung Grande AI has improved the completeness of its products by elaborating the parting line, which is a combination that inevitably occurs in the manufacturing process. 


Reference Image

While designing Grande AI, I referred to the car design a lot. Through the shape of the rear tail lamp, the lines and proportions were sketched numerous times. Also, based on this, various dummy mock-up was produced.

We tried to transform the existing rough and mechanical panel design of the washing machine into a sleek design, and we can be proud to be one step further than the previous design of the washing machine.

< As is >

< To be >

2D Line Drawing

It is the step of line drawing of the control panel of the washing machine that determines the first impression of the product. The most important point is to express a slimmer image by reducing the height of the control panel compared to the existing washing machine.

3D Modeling 01

To determine the volume of washing machines is one of the most important parts of the project.

I had to find the most ideal volume that didn't look too fat, didn't look flat, and didn't affect the capacity of the existing washing machine. Through numerous prototypes, the ideal volume of 10000R was found. 


3D Modeling 02

Specific product modeling was carried out at this stage.

We implemented the product sketch with 3d modeling and applied the volume determined in the dummy volume study to the actual product modeling. In addition, some modifications were made in coordination with the development team to a level that could be mass-produced, and the final design was completed.

The essence of simplicity

Laundry for everyday wear. It should be as easy and simple as possible because it is a must. Through a user survey, Samsung Electronics designers found that most users mainly use only three to four courses rather than all functions of washing machines and dryers. Based on these insights, the information that occupied the control panel was boldly organized so that it could be easily and conveniently operated.

Selection and Concentration

A number of laundry and drying courses offered to meet a wide range of user needs. Among them, most users often use only three to four courses, and the frequency of use of additional functions* is lower than that. Samsung Grande AI* breaks away from the method of listing all functions and gives the simplest laundry experience with a control panel that contains only the information necessary to operate the device. The familiar yet intuitive jog dial helps users to operate the desired features easily and quickly, reducing concerns about easy manipulation and changed usage.




A return to essence

The existence of household appliances stems from the convenience of life. The demanding demands of the times have reflected the user's lifestyle in washing machines and dryers, and have reached the ideal that everyone wants today.

Samsung Grande AI learns, remembers, and cares for even a small action. It allows users to reflect on the true meaning of washing in their daily lives so that they can use it more easily and conveniently.

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